Jun 25, 2010

Tips for Beginners...SKIN TYPE

Tips for Beginners...SKIN TYPE

When starting out in makeup one of the very first steps is to determine your skin type. This is will help when deciding on skincare as well as foundation since these are intertwined.

There are five main skin types - Normal, Dry, Oily, Combination and Sensitive. Acne-prone is a bonus feature to a couple of these skin types as well.

Normal skin is the least problematic type. What a blessing they have! Normal skin should feel smooth, clean and elastic. This skin type with be even toned with a healthy complexion and very small pores. Normal skin is evenly balanced with oil and water and rarely may have a spot breakout. After washing Normal skin still feels smooth and supple. 


This type of skin has over reactive sebaceous (oil-producing) glands and is prone to oiliness/shine on the forehead, nose and chin areas (T-Zone). There are usually also enlarged visible pores which makes Oily skin prone to blackheads and acne. Oily skin will also feel tight and dry after cleansing but greasy by the end of the day.


Dry skin both sebum and moisture and will feel flaky, dry, and tight. It has very tiny pores and can very tight after washing. Dry skin is lucky in that breakouts are rare to non-existent. This type of skin chaps easily and can lead to more pronounced lines and wrinkles.

Combination skin is just what it says -  a combination of Oily and Dry skin types. It is the most common skin type for women and requires separate treatment for each area. It is oily down the T-Zone area and dry on the cheeks. There will be enlarged pores as with Oily skin and occasional breakouts in oily areas.

Sensitive skin usually becomes inflamed and irritated easily. It may be both oily and dry and is easily disturbed by skin care products and cosmetics. Sensitive can be blotchy, flushed or have reddened look and might even itch.  This is the most problematic and fragile type of skin and is prone to breakouts.


Once you have determined what skin type you have then we can go into skin care tips and makeup for use with your specific skin type.

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  1. I don't know what time of skin type i am Because my face is naturlly smooth and if i put any thing on my face to clean i have little bumps on my face


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